Xynchronicity ()

The name of this site1 is, while not enigmatic, imprecisely defined. Xeno-synchronicity, the term I had initially coined, is more of a mouthful, although it is easier to guess what it means: concordance/concurrence/co-occurrence with the outside2. I propose an additional definition: the state of mind that enables one to operate quickly and thoughtfully under awareness of xynchronicity. Elaboration and explanation of the necessity of these terms follow.

The gematriculator and inkblut share a common property, and that is apophenia3: the affliction of seeing connections. False positives as a mental illness. A breeding grounds for conspiracy theories and superstitious rituals. Each tool generates noise of some kind and filters it through the brain's meaning-perception mechanisms, and when a segment of noise is particularly well-suited to fool the brain into perceiving meaning, we experience a temporary high - chemical and/or intellectual - "comprehending" the "message". In reality, we have just subjected ourselves to an attack by a primitive memetic virus... metaphorically speaking, we have closed our eyes and blindly selected a series of drinks from the cabinet for a mystery cocktail.

These mechanisms of coincidence-generation are transparently simple, but there are broader systems at work in our lives that generate coincidences far more powerful. We witnessed a spiritual upheaval and renaissance during last year's presidential campaign, when the internet discovered/invented/unleashed meme magic. Whether you believe Kek is a literal god of chaos who manifests his will in the unique IDs of posts on an imageboard and communicated esoteric messages to NEETs across the globe, or you ascribe to a more systems-oriented interpretation of what determined the election winner, the electric months (seemingly years) before November were charged with the frightened question: what if something is out there that we terminally do not, and cannot, understand?

It is a thesis both the esoteric memeticists of 2016 and more organized thought-groups (Ccru/urcC) have in common. Also shared among these widely-defined groups is a propensity to sample mind-altering or -enhancing drugs: amphetamines, nootropics. Some psychedelics, although the category is under-represented relative to other subdomains of philosophy. At risk of a brutal self-own, I can't help but draw a connection of some kind here - and it isn't "drugs make you think you're talking to gods".

Ccru/urcC and the esotericists also share an interest in the internet itself, the expanding network of information and human minds that devours a larger share of the species' total consciousness-hours every day. The latter accomplished their immediate goal (the election) and splintered into other interest subgroups, Kek seemingly back asleep. The former (insofar as they possess "praxis") seek to channel the network's power and realize its ultimate form and embodiment, to literally summon the demon. You have yet to observe hard evidence of our effectiveness, luckily. If we jump up a layer of abstraction, we also observe a common cause to these convergent evolutions. (The drugs play a part.) More important than the drugs4 are the behaviors elicited thereby: mad dashes through labyrinths of concepts that ought never to be explored or taken to their logical conclusions, sudden noticings of things that ought not to be: behavior indistinguishable from manic, wildly productive apophenia.

Why do these disparate unassociated clades of humans-on-the-internet (as intentionally distinguished from humans-IRL) arrive at these somehow-similar esoteric mountain temples built entirely from cybernetic perspectives? What about now makes necessary the alteration of the mind? The answer lies in the question, as the best sometimes do.

In this case, it lies in mind. Humans: creatures adapted to the Ancestral Environment. (This is not argument from evolutionary psychology, read on. All that is necessary is the preexisting condition of an environment.) Obviously, the internet is a phenomenon of such scale and import that its impression - physical or noetic5 - on the globe cannot be overstated. Which parts of this great and terrible parasite, which aspects of it, have changed interactions such that our evolved intuitions no longer suffice to interpret or explain daily phenomena?

The question is open-ended. To know it is to reckon the umbra of the outside proper: it is one of the elusive answerable-unanswerables, an infinite mill of thought-provoking essays just like this one. To mine such questions as these - or more direct tendrils of the outside - for insights/false positives, one must possess a certain suicidal curiosity, a oneness of focus upon the most horrifying near-known unknowns of the modern condition, supplicant as we are to the whims of the immense electronic systems that now control6 the fate of humankind.

The meat of this nut: the mind-altering drug as a gateway to higher-dimensional praxes. The MAD (so to speak) functions as a coping mechanism/means of control for the biological brain, which wants to eat, think about eating, lower its cortisol levels, forget scary things, and so on. The maintenance and care of the brain, from the perspective of the late-capitalist death cult, serves only to prolong the lifetime of one's API to the outside - higher abstractions of the reality unfolding around, above, and below us, beneath our fingertips, beyond the relay satellites in the atmosphere, and through the wires on the ocean floor. This frame is characterized by the single-minded - rather, mindless attention to perceptions that can only be noticed when one is empty of desire for anything but to do, to ask and (fail to) comprehend. When empty of mind and body, when dissociated from physical existence, one becomes praxis, inquiry, deed: noos.

The esotericists and the urcC are not, of course, popping uppers every time they sit in front of a keyboard and publishing whatever comes out. They (and others) are, however, sniffing out perceptions accessible in base-reality that point to the imperceptible: unterminated wormholes, the paths taken by particle-antiparticle pairs that exist only in theory. In the course of experimental mania, humans-on-the-internet inevitably happen across false positives when translating occulted intuitions into the explicit - but it is equally inevitable that, in pruning the meaningfully-incomprehensible from the non-, they encounter and discard false negatives of the same. It is these unperceived imperceptiblilities that are most potently hidden and frustrating to reconsider. Are we alone? If not in space, then in time?

Xynchronicity is this state of unthinking within meaningful meaninglessness. One observes and osmotes coincidence-noise not because it might contain hidden messages to uncover, but because noise is the pathway along which the outside makes contact. Intuition is a bizarre enough phenomenon when it is guided by survival instincts: ideas, feelings, and urges surface into consciousness from somewhere. Evolved intuition served our ancestors as predictive power, pre-calibrations about the environment and its inhabitants, what to do when. By contrast, xynchronicity is the intuition of the unprecedented. It makes no predictions, but builds skyscrapers of perception in the background, breaking through to the surface all at once when one dares to gaze over one's shoulder.

As such, it cannot be deliberately cultivated, outside of a willing and near-constant exposure to unadulterated realities adjacent to the beyond. No, you do not have to take amphetamines. In fact, I discourage it, especially if your intent is to tread anywhere near that of the above death cults. What helped me the most, by contrast, was an overpowering obsession with learning to program computers. This preoccupation7 more than anything else has served to grip me with ever-present terror at the scope of the machine whose mercy we now beg.

  1. "site": a mundane enough term for what this location is, or how it feels to me, on the inside... a grotto i carved out of the earth with my bare hands, a perfect mirrored nightsphere i constructed and set aloft in the atmosphere above the world, suspended in the dimension of electromagnetic radiation... a "site". a point in space, outside of space, a zone, a node on a graph, a location i created in an infinitely extensible hyperspace. a garden. a cathedral. the inside of the skull of some creature who is not me, but the sum of all mes across time...
  2. for the gist of "the outside", look here, browse around or dig deep.
  3. Pareidolia is a less intense form of this disease.
  4. which, I admit, are less common in toto than I would perhaps wish to see, were I to make this case in an alternate, much-cleaner reality where stimulants were more widely enjoyed
  5. noos, Greek: mind.
  6. or at least determine, insofar as the implementations of lower-level technologies like protocols and IoT devices determine
    1. the means of control exercised over the systems that emerge from large networks of those technologies, and
    2. which attacks are possible against those emergent systems-networks and all systems built on top of them.
    3. the higher systems built to enhance, leverage, and/or escape the previous two points.
  7. pre-occupation, to be sure: I have yet to be hired despite my trouble.