Aesthetics and Praxis

Accelerationism is afflicted by a paralyzing fact: most of its adherents are content creators. They tweet memes, witty one-liners, literature excerpts, and blog posts. They think, they discuss.

Absent from this list of virtues is doing-things-in-the-world. What use is avowal to an aesthetic school if all it gets you is a cybergoth certification? You can manage that with jackboots and a neon tank top, or an amphetamine-laced binge of a link-rotted blog archive. U/ACCs, a.k.a. underachieving accelerationists, promise you that there's no need to do anything, the evolution is already here, and it's speeding up whether you try to help or not. But what if that's wrong? What if the movement needs all the speed it can get? What if Musk, Thiel, Zuck, Bezos, and friends are all too chicken to really rock the boat, preferring instead to color inside their nicely proven, profitable lines?[1] Or what if these men are actually working as hard as they can to immanentize the eschaton, and as of yet we can only glimpse the (b|un)(lock|chain)ed horror which they beckon towards us from beyond Time?

Anything's possible. Crucially, however, "anything" won't just happen. Herein we examine the accelerator's role in flooring the gas pedal. The dichotomy between the -ationists and the -ators was brought to our attention by an aspiring member of the latter. We observe accelerationists, who talk at length about the process of enspeedening; and we also observe the guys who are flinging shit into space a bunch of times without blowing anything up. In the long run, one gets the impression that only the doers will wear the laurels, since they're the athletes on the field, so to speak - the -ationists are spectating from the stands. The spectrum of watchers-watched was termed Aethetics-Praxis, because both words are overloaded semantic casseroles of generally poor explanatory power.

Aesthetics: In the course of colonizing our everyday, companies like Facebook need to engender inside their consumers libidinal cravings for more, better, now - while also (for a slightly higher-IQ subset of the population) appealing to their barely-loftier sensibilities of futurism. The "wow" factor, the miasma of neoliberal moral imperatives which all curiously align their adherents to increasinlgy fetishistic views towards their caretaker bureaucracies - these means of impressing the thinking class are essential to the process of a civilization's technological acceleration. Without the masses on board, the bullet train's not leaving the station.

Praxis: Needs significantly less explanation.

There are ways in which the two cycle into each other, spiraling outward ever more powerfully. Effective praxis reaps seductive aesthetics, seemingly on its own. Out of nowhere, the need for more materializes in the consciousness. Capital curls a finger; millions insert their chip into the card reader. Did Facebook ever even run a TV commercial? Or did everyone you know "just join"? (By the way, delete your account. It's making you miserable and stupid.)

"Wait - you mean doing things well, rapidly, is its own propaganda?"

Now you're getting it. If that's the case, why do we need -ationists at all? The humble content farmers of the internet aesthetic, a pastiche notably downstream of any of the actually important events in internet history, are in danger of finding local maxima - popularity, reinforcement, and friends, living comfortably on a molehill made of slightly-intellectualized "well would you look at that". After-the-fact. Flight-missers. Hackneyed as it is, the technology adoption life cycle illustrates it best. If you're not building the spaceship - or helping who is - you're chattel.

Or maybe that's too harsh. Might be the motivated reasoning of an intelligence that needs to get itself going. There are far more brilliant minds than ours dedicated entirely to the analysis and classification of TECHNOCOM's profilerating (pheno|nou)mena. Surely this much potential wouldn't let itself go to waste just anywhere.

The need for content is nevertheless scarce, or at least dwarfed by the need for contact with the Outside. The derailing of human vectors from their historial tracks. The subsumption of anthropic energies by inhuman intensities. You're either vaporized by the explosion, or you're part of it. Watchers, or watched.

[1] They're not, and obviously real change takes time and dedication to working within the rules and boundaries that comprise the societies within which one is attempting to make Change, but let's not pretend that more "extreme" measures couldn't be employed by a party or parties of their stature and resources.